Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dress for Change! Challenge

A friend posted a link to this challenge on Facebook, and so I want to extend the challenge to you!

So here's the rundown:
  • We all have PLENTY of clothes in our closets to wear, even on days when it feels like we have NOTHING to wear;
  • MANY little girls around the world, really don't have much to wear, which often keeps them from being able to attend school;
  • Sheyanne Root, a high school senior at Burns High School, has made "Dress for Change" her senior project;
  • Donate $5 and join the challenge!
  • Commit to wear one black dress for one week:  April 1-7; and
  • For each person who participates, Sheyanne will make a dress and send it to Little Dresses for Africa.
I will try my very best to be creative with my accessories (can we say Noonday?!) and blog each day to share my experience.  I actually have 2 Noonday Collection trunk shows and my daughter's 2nd Birthday party during that week!!  I've never done anything like this before, so can I be honest and tell you that I almost let fear keep me from saying YES, but more and more I'm refusing to be held captive by fear, so I'm committing to this in front of God and everybody.  Will you join me?  If so, hop on over to the website and register, and also leave a comment for me here!!